Sunset San Soo

Hello. I am Master Wally Bagot and thanks for showing up at this new site. Sunset San Soo, besides identifying this site, is also the name of the school where I have been teaching the fighting art of Kung Fu San Soo for over twenty-seven years.

I use the term, “fighting art”, instead of “martial art” because Kung Fu San Soo is just that. It is not used for sport or competition. It is purely a combat style that, in truth, can be an extremely aggressive form of self-defense. And yet, our classes are filled with males and females of seemingly every age, shape, size, ability and level of fitness.

At Sunset San Soo anyone is welcome. We encourage everyone and especially those who believe that they “can’t” because of some temporary or permanent physical limitation. A wonderful quality about San Soo is that it isn’t necessary to change the body to fit the art. Instead, the art can be easily adapted to fit the body.

There are, of course, belt rankings that indicate a student’s level of accomplishment in the art, of developed ability. However, at Sunset San Soo various ranks work out or “fight” not only comrades of like rank, but with other ranks also; i.e.- beginners or white-belts may very possibly be working out with a yellow or green-belt and a black-belt with a brown or yellow-belt as well as another black-belt. In this way every student has the chance to grow by fighting with someone of more developed skills and to strengthen his or her basics by fighting with a more junior student.

Also, at Sunset San Soo the San Soo art is taught and learned through actual, not simulated, contact. From the first class the student learns to actually strike another human being’s body and, oddly enough, to be struck by another. (All of this contact is administered with control, speed and power according to the opponent’s level of development.) As bizarre as it may sound, students learn to wreak havoc on another body while, at the same time, learning to protect that body from the very havoc they are wreaking. It’s like learning how to hurt and how not to hurt someone at the same time. The student’s body learns to move effectively and protectively on both sides of a combat equation while the student learns a profound sense of control, respect and fellowship for and with his or her comrades.

At Sunset San Soo everyone learns as a student and everyone learns as a teacher. In this way egos disappear and fellowship replaces them while self-confidence grows stronger and more unshakable. In fact it’s probably no coincidence that fun usually manages to thread itself throughout the whole deal.

Please contact me for more information on Kung Fu San Soo in West Hollywood / Los Angeles.