Kung Fu San Soo

Kung Fu San Soo is a combat system once taught to the Chinese Imperial Guard and now taught to the Chinese Special Forces and Police of China. More recently, the fundamental techniques of this art are being utilized as foundational elements for “SCARS,” the system of hand‑to‑hand combat taught to the U.S. Navy Seals.

Think of any hand‑to‑hand fighting technique you may have ever witnessed, heard about or even employed. Now mix them all together in an unpredictable, seemingly random order in one art and you would most probably be describing KUNG FU SAN SOO. San Soo means, quite simply, “free hand” and that describes the dynamic of this art. It employs any combination of blocks, punches, kicks, leverages, throws and sweeps directed towards vital points of the body.

San Soo is not for sport. It is purely a fighting art designed for combat only and to be used in a sudden and aggressive form of self‑defense. Built upon a unique and completely natural set of basic stances and movements, it teaches its practitioners to spontaneously respond from a repertoire of unlimited combinations with a series of movements most effective in a given situation to diffuse the conflict, protect from and, when necessary, execute whatever damage would be needed to neutralize the assailant or assailants.

The real power of San Soo is that its effectiveness is built not only on developing great skill in physical movement, but that it attends to the development of the whole individual; complete integration of mind and body, balancing of temperament needed to develop effective self‑discipline and an unwavering respect for life and one’s fellow human beings. In short, San Soo is a technique for not only self‑defense, but for self‑actualization as well. I believe that makes this art one of the most powerful ones in existence today.

The art of San Soo that Master Wally Bagot teaches is from the combat art of the “Chin Family System” as taught to him by First Generation Master, Larry E. Wikel, who received his instruction from Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo, the guardian of the “Chin Family System San Soo Books” and the Great, Great, Great Grandson of Leong Kick, the original trustee of the Buddhist Training Texts as chosen by the masters of the Quan Yin Monastery in Southern China.